Peace is love, faith, happiness and hope. And all them things you can get from JESUS. He is peace and he his all those things. You can be in peace if you follow him. Peace is like the angels in heaven singing a lovely song. It’s like when your sitting outside looking at the stars… Read More Peace

Lord Is

Lord is everything and everything is the lord. For him there would be no you, no place to stay, no food and clothes. He is the one that made everything you see. He who made it can take it away. You fear no one but him. Pray to the lord and he shall show you… Read More Lord Is

Holy Spirit

The holy spirit is wonderful and gracefully. Having that feeling that the lord allowed you to feel it is amazing. Having the holy spirit makes you want to do positive things in his name. The holy spirit come from his word and understanding his word. Let the lord in and feel the ever lasting love.… Read More Holy Spirit