GOD is the key

trust-god-because-only-he-holds-the-key-to-your-22440590.pngGOD is the key to heaven and to your future. GOD is the only one that can make your life better. Following in the lords footsteps and you will see the grace and love that he has for you. GOD is the king and without god there is nothing. He made this world and he can take this world. People need to understand that this evil is trying to take over but with the GOD on our side we can’t be stopped. So think about your future and start following the word of the LORD.

13 thoughts on “GOD is the key

  1. Excellent message. Can I just point out that Lord and God need to be uppercase at all times for they are proper nouns, names of God. I hope this helps. Much love.β˜ΊπŸ€—


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