His word is the truth and his truth is his word

The LORD word is the truth and his truth is his word. You can’t go wrong with what the LORD is telling you. His word is special and will make your life better if you just listen to him. The LORD is the way to a peaceful and happy life. His word is meaningful and joy. He is the key to everything that happens in your life. Words from anyone else means nothing and the LORD word means everything. His voice is like an angel speaking softly to you. Makes you feel warm and safe. There is no fear with him and with him your unbreakable and can not be stopped by any evil that comes your way. Once again listen and you can be saved in this time that’s coming to a end. Talk to him and ask him you will see that there’s nothing more realer than those words that the lord speaks. He who listens to the real king, he who will survive and be with our father in heaven LORD JESUS CHRIST. So take time and read his word and understand his word and see how a lot better your life will be during the good times and the bad times. He will never turn on you and will always have your back. That’s how loyal he is to all his children. Listen, Listen, Listen.

2 thoughts on “His word is the truth and his truth is his word

  1. This is very true! And very good! I love what you say about God’s word and how He speaks to our hearts through it. He has promised to never leave or forsake us, never. He is so faithful! Great is His faithfulness! God bless you.


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