Hello people and my followers! I have an idea that I started to work on. I had this dream that I start my own business and that my business was selling items that people will love and put around their house. So when I talked to GOD about it we came up with a good idea. And that was to spread his words on different things. Everything is GODLY and Love. I have a sample of my item. I’m here asking my followers and the people to let me know what you think by leaving a comment and to hit the like button if you like it. I want to know if my idea is on the right track. GOD BLESS

19 thoughts on “GOD WORKS IN MANY WAYS

  1. Good morning! Love the pillow and the message on it. Just a small bit of feedback though, while everything written on the pillow is great, it might be a little too much wording. Maybe take just a few of those sayings and space things out a bit. Plus then you can create more pillows by using the phrases you didn’t use on this one for others. Just my feedback but continue pressing on for the goal God has given you!!


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