There are all types of feelings when it come to people. There is sad, happy, and mad feelings. But when you think about life, there are a lot of people that act like their happy but deep down inside they are sad or mad. Their sad because of their life and what’s going on in it and mad because things don’t go there way or someone said something about them. Why is that the world is based off of them two feelings. That’s why this world is going down in flames. People rather be mad at someone then to be happy for them or help them. Evil is taking over our world and we can’t have that. It’s time to spread the LORD’S word and spread peace and positivity. With the life that the LORD gave us should not have ended up like this. The LORD is giving us signs right in our faces trying to let us know that we as people are not following his way and we are destroying his world that he made for his people. Let’s be sad for a good reason like how people are falling away from the LORD and let’s be mad in a positive way by helping other people find their way to the LORD. Let’s make a change and feel nothing but the LORD’S grace, peace and joy.

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