1. Stills you
  2. Reassures you
  3. Leads you
  4. Enlightens you
  5. Forgives you
  6. Calms you
  7. Encourages you
  8. Comforts you


GOD is the most powerful person in this world. GOD can do all things. He is the one that is there with his shoulder that you can cry on and has a ear that will listen to all you good and all your bad. GOD will be the one that’s there till the end. GOD will forgive you for your mistakes that you have made. He knows everything that you do in your life and will help you get to your happy place which is with him. All good things come with GOD. GOD is now trying to get his people back to him for GOD is on his way back to get his people. It’s a lot of people doing the devil’s work right now and don’t know how to stop sinning. The devil thinks he’s strong right now because it’s a lot of people that are following right in to temptation. Making people become a person that GOD didn’t create. But that’s the power of GOD. He can help you with the demons that you are fighting. You have to have faith in GOD that he is the true GOD. The devil is not a god and he will never be our GOD. GOD is the only king and he is the one that made this world. GOD will always win and the devil knows that he can’t win. GOD is going to when the war and put the devil back where he belongs. Look at what the devil do to people when they don’t believe in GOD.


                    THE DEVILdevil-5_credit-Shutterstock

  1. Rushes you
  2. Frightens you
  3. Pushes you
  4. Confuses you
  5. Condemns you
  6. Stresses you
  7. Discourages you
  8. Worries you

The devil is a demon that thinks that he runs this world and it’s his but it’s not. We all know who world this is. The devil is always around in this world to destroy your life. He wants to think that he is here for you and that he can make you life better. But the devil is nothing but a liar. Everything that he say he will give you, the devil will take it all away once you don’t do his evil deed. The devil don’t care about you or your family. The devil just wants to hurt you and will try to take your soul. You don’t want to let him get your soul. Be with GOD and leave peace and love with GOD.  When you are stress or in a bad place in your life just remember that, that’s the devil messing with you and your life. He doesn’t want to to win without him so the devil can take it all away from you. Don’t give yourself to the devil, come to GOD where you are loved and free. GOD will never take nothing from you. GOD encourages you and the devil discourage you. Don’t let the devil in, keep him out.


The whole point of post

The whole point of this post is to get people to realize that the devil is no good and that he is out there to destroy your life. And everything around you and the people around is what the devil uses to get to you. Don’t be one of them people to follow in the devil’s trap. GOD is waiting on you to come to him. GOD is the truth and the love. GOD will bless you with what he knows that you need to make you happy. Trust in GOD. GOD is our way into heaven and you don’t want to be forgotten. I pray for all of those who don’t know GOD yet will and see his great works. I pray that you all give yourself to GOD and live free and safe away from the devil. GOD Bless to you all and hope that you find GOD in some way.

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