There’s Always A Way With GOD😇😇😇

Doors are seeming like they keep closing in on someone. Every time when you on the right track to do something good, the devil always find a way to mess it up or pull you back into the evil world. But with GOD with you anything can happen. When it feels like you ran out of ideas or you feel like 3 strikes your out, go to GOD. There is always a way with GOD for GOD is the one that can make anything happen. GOD will guide you to where you are suppose to be. GOD lefts you up not bring you down. If you find GOD you will find your way. Listen to GOD and follow and don’t let no evil come in your way for GOD is more powerful than the devil and the award is more precious with GOD. So people find your way now.

3 thoughts on “There’s Always A Way With GOD😇😇😇

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