A 10 year old boy sings in a talent show and the Holy Ghost took over him!!!! Must Watch

This video is more amazing then the others. This video is about a little 10 year old boy that was singing a church song and then got tooken over by the Holy Ghost. It had all them people at the talent show feeling that the LORD’S presents was in the whole room. This video confirms that the LORD is always working on people no matter the age and is always around when you think the LORD is not. What you see in this video, is how the little boy can feel the spirit in him. He startedย  singing like he never sung before. But also pay attention to the people. The LORD went into the crowd and spreaded his spirit over a lot of people. The LORD went into that building and shined so bright in the room. The host of the talent show was crying and felt what the little boy was feeling. The LORD is good and good is the LORD. For he loves everyone and everyone he works on. I know I say this a lot but this is a “Must Watch” video. You will want to watch this video until the end and don’t skip because you are not going to want to miss anything. Watch Now! GOD BLESS & ENJOY THE VIDEO AND HAVE A GODLY DAY.


LORD JESUS CHRIST is our comforter. His spirit let’s us see things and this life a different way, his way. The LORD JESUS CHRIST is always working on his people. He wants us to come home to him and walk away from all of our sins. The LORD JESUS CHRIST always find a way to show people, and children that is here and that we need to come to him. That’s what he is showing in this video. He is our king and we have to stop fighting him and let him in.


LORD JESUS I am here today to pray for the people that haven’t opened up their eyes and ears yet,I want pray that people realize their sins and ask for forgiveness. I pray that the people see the truth in your word and follow you. LORD JESUS I pray that my words from you touch people to pay attention and follow the truth. I pray that anyone that has the same beliefs and or want to come to the LORD JESUS CHRIST find their way to this blog and listen to what I am saying. LORD JESUS I just pray that you help them people and bring them home. AMEN!!!!


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