Stand Up For What you Believe In

People try to knock you down or say you stupid for believing, that there is a GOD. But that don’t matter because he is real. You have to start standing for what you believe in. I don’t care if I have to stand alone, can’t no one tell me about my GOD. GOD is real and he is everywhere. I don’t care how people was taught or raised I believe that the LORD JESUS CHRIST died on the cross for our sins. It too many people try to take away people faith. Do 6ou know in China and different countries, they are killing innocent people for praise and worshipping GOD. You gone have to kill me yo because I’m not going against my belief. The LORD JESUS CHRIST is my everything and for him I will fight to the death against this evil. Stand in what you believe which is LORD JESUS CHRIST.

There is a GOD and he is very real. If you don’t believe, then think about how you and your parents got on this earth. How did eat and breath the air that we breathing. People wake you and you will see.

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