Satan Cast Out

I’m here with another powerful video. This one is about a pastor who deals with people that have been taken over by a demon. The demons are trying to take over our people in this world. We have to stay prayed up and believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. I’m not going to tell you to much about the video because I want you to see it for yourself. Just one key little thing, pay attention to when the pastor says in JESUS NAME and watch how the demon gets mad and makes the person do a lot of different things that you never seen before. It’s time to come together and pray. The more people that pray together, the closer we are to defeating the evil that’s around. Let’s pray for those who are out here fighting these demons that are within. Watch Now!!! GOD BLESS & BLESS THOSE WHO ARE FIGHTING DEMONS WITHIN!!!!


Remember that when you believe and put your trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST you will be saved from all the demons that you are fighting. Give yourself to LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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