Versatile Blogger Award #1


Thank you Joshua @Spread The Word for nominating me for this award. If I can recall, this is my first different award from what I been getting. Joshua, is a real great blogger and his blog will have you tuning in. I been following for a while now and I love his blog. If you haven’t checked his blog out or your not follow yet!!!!!! Check Out Joshua’s Blog: @Spread The Word

The Versatile Blogger Award Rules:

1}Thank the person who nominated you

2}Link to the blog of the person who nominated you

3}Share 7 facts about yourself

4}Nominate 15 more bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award

7 True Facts About Me:

1} I enjoy taking walks in the rain

2} I like to watch NFL & NBA

3} I love to spread the ofΒ  LORD JESUS CHRIST and touch people hearts

4} I love watching GODLY movies on

5} I love to learn more about my LORD JESUS CHRIST

6} I am only 5’6″

7} I love to write things that matter in this world and things that will help change a life


1} Dawn @drawingclosertochrist

2} Steve’s Country @stevescountry

3} Paulina Mwindor @blissfulhearts

4} Eguyadeen @quietmomentswithgod

5} Jesusluvsall’s Blog @jesusluvsall

6} Beverley @becomingtheoilandthewine

7) Pure Glory @pureglory

Here are my nominees for this award. It say 15 but I only wanted to do this many because these are the blogs that inspire me the most.

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