My Thoughts #1

In my head the world was peaceful and full of happy people. Where the grass is green and the little children are playing outside. There are no colors and no violence. Where people are not struggling with bills or don’t have any food. It was lots of love around and treated everyone with respect. We all lived together with our heavenly father LORD JESUS CHRIST. The sun was shining everyday and the beautiful flowers we growing and growing. Getting that special love that you can’t get in this world. The honesty and trust that you can get from everyone.

Why can’t the world we live in now can’t be like that. Why is it that everything that is good in this world have to turn evil. The world of hate and violence is want we live in. The disrespect has went to it’s most high when it comes to people loving people. This world is about money, drugs, and alcohol. Them things are the rule of all evil. And that’s what’s taking over our world. It’s tooooo much damage done to this world and it’s time to change it.

LORD JESUS CHRIST will come and do just that. He is here to take back what he made. I believe that everything that is happening now has a great reward at the end. The light always out shines the darkness. Pray and LORD JESUS CHRIST will answer.

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