Intense Supernatural Encounter With GOD!!!!

Here with another video!! In this video you would not believe me if I told you what had happen to this man. So I had to bring you this video to watch. Like I said on one of my post before, that the GOD JESUS CHRIST is always at work. It’s been so much so much stuff going on with a lot of people spiritually and this man is one of them. This video is based on outer body experience to GOD. And how he had to get rid of the demons that were around. That even mean’t family and friends. Some things are just not good for you. You have to get rid of the bad to change and become a better person. Listen to the man tell you hoe GOD changed his life. And when you believe, GOD can change your life. So with that said enjoy the video. GOD is here to help us. Let him come and change your life for the good. 


2 thoughts on “Intense Supernatural Encounter With GOD!!!!

  1. Great the change you would be ,
    Knowing the truth is to set you free,
    Move with the flow of life and see that the ebb and flow of sea ,
    Was always there and will always be ,
    God give you strength being like a key ,
    Divine consciousness is in you and me ,
    Change is an eternal river of thee,
    To a new social contract we agree ,
    Always inspire us to find liberty , …
    My friend to remember eternally ,
    Each seed you plant becomes a tree ,
    As the French say mon amie ,
    Trinity is in all including you and me ,
    Evolution and revolution is there ,
    To continue and forever be ,

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