My Thoughts #4


Attention! Attention!

With everything that is going on in this world is a sign that we are in the last days. Have anyone seen what’s going on out there lately. In California there has been more and more fires going on and burning down people houses. It got so bad that pg&e is starting to turn people lights out because of the fires. But, how do they think that it’s going to help by doing that. People have food and other things that they should have to go replace. They say that more than 2 million people will not have no power and don’t know how long it will be off. People has a family to feed and a family to make sure they are safe. It’s just a sad thing that it’s always something that is going on.

Like the people in Japan. They can’t never get a break when it comes to these floods. When you think that it’s over and you can start to rebuild, something else is always on it’s way to mess everything up. We as people have to pray for them and pray that people can get back on their feet for the better. They got to have hope and faith that everything will get better. Some of these people don’t have the money to rebuild what they lost and it’s sad that family pictures and other important things can’t be replaced. With LORD JESUS CHRIST everything is going to bet better even when it seems that it’s not. Keep Japan in your prayers and pray that the LORD JESUS CHRIST is with them and keeping them safe. And for the people who lost someone, your in our prayers.

Just note that we all have something going on where we stay and we can’t do nothing about it. LORD JESUS CHRIST is on his mission to bring his world back to him. It’s time to change for the good. For the some of these people in this world is trying to mess it up with all this sinning that they are doing. Why do people have to suffer for what others do. But, when you think about, those who follow LORD JESUS CHRIST will get the biggest award which is being with him and going home to him. From me to you GOD BLESS and everyone is in my prayers.   

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