Cutting family and friends off is necessary to get better and get right with the LORD JESUS CHRIST


Sometimes it’s hard to know that your not change when your around a lot of negativity. The evil of satan is always around and trying to pull you into deep darkness where you don’t car about nothing. When you are around evil so much it makes you want to keep doing evil without thinking twice about it. Sometimes you sit back and ask yourself why is it so hard for a person to change. People don’t understand that the people around them are the ones that make it hard for a person to change their lives for the better. People around you want you to be how they are and be mad at the world all the time and that’s not right. You have the right to change. Sometimes cutting people off is the best way to do so.


Cutting people of is one step to a better life and a better you. Sometimes when you think of that it means your family and friends also. You might love your family and friends but, some of those people might be to toxic for you to be around. They can be the reason why you can’t think right or why your always stressing. They try to take you out of character. Your mind starts to wonder off away from the person who really cares about you which is the LORD JESUS CHRIST. He is the only one that wants to see you at your best and doing good. It might hurt you to cut people off but, sometimes you have to make that hard choice.


When you start cutting people out your life that are not good for you, you can focus on getting right with LORD JESUS CHRIST. LORD JESUS CHRIST is the only one that loves you and cares for you. You want to be for JESUS and live for JESUS. When there is no bad people around you, you can focus on his word and really listen to what the LORD JESUS CHRIST is trying to tell you. You will feel at peace and can’t no one or nothing in this world drag you back to your old ways. LORD JESUS CHRIST is fighting for you and he has his hand out for you to grab. You don’t have to feel scared to let them people go and let things you do go. Being with the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the only family and friend that you need in your life. Cut the people off that is harmful to you and see how better you will be as a person and with the LORD JESUS CHRIST. You can always love someone from a distance. LORD JESUS CHRIST will not judge you for trying to be better and follow him.


13 thoughts on “Cutting family and friends off is necessary to get better and get right with the LORD JESUS CHRIST

  1. Yep. Agreed. When it comes to following Jesus we can have no restrictions or limits as to what He can, or cannot, cut out of our lives. If we truly wish to grow and mature in faith we must give Him a free hand to take whatever He wishes from our lives. As we do this in faith, we learn to trust that Jesus will only remove from us that which will keep us from a full intimate relationship with Himself and the Father.

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith

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