Time is just about up!!!!

Is time really up and people don’t know. The second coming of LORD JESUS CHRIST is here and he is here to come and get his people. Don’t no one realized that the time had been ticking. And the time is getting short. Run away from your son and repent now. No one has anytime left. You don’t want be left behind. You also have to know that you can be a good person but if your not living for GOD you will get left behind. I am warning people that, that day is here and it’s running from it. More bad things are going to get worse and the economy as well is going to get worse. Everything is going to be taken away from us. But, when you give yourself to LORD JESUS CHRIST fully, he will save you. Get right with LORD JESUS CHRIST and believe he died for our sins and he raised from the dead and that he is GOD’S son. You will be saved. Don’t let the clock strike 12 and it be to late. Give yourself now.

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