My Thoughts #8


My today’s thoughts is about this evil in this world and how it try to take over your life. This evil has been at work and it’s trying to work on you to mess up your life. Evil comes in different shapes and forms. It is so strong sometimes that it feel like you can’t defeat it. It try to make you sad and depressed all the time and mad all the time for no reason. Sometimes you don’t even no why you are feeling like that. Evil is so bad that it is trying to kill you.ย 

But when you talk to LORD JESUS CHRIST you will feel a whole lot better. With him you can defeat any evil that comes your way. He is the king that is more powerful then anything. LORD JESUS CHRIST is so loving and caring, and is there to help you with anything in your life. Go to him and fight against the evil that is trying to attack your life. Feel free and become that better person that LORD JESUS CHRIST know you are. Beat the evil!!! Don’t become the evil!!!




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