The violence in this world seems to never “STOP”


Why do these evil thing keep happening around the world. I don’t know but, it has been another massive shooting in southern california at Saugus High School. The high school student that started shooting at the high school left 2 dead and 6 people injured. What be going through people’s mind too go and shoot people. This stuff is getting out of control. Now there is 2 parents that are going home without their child and that is very heart breaking.

It’s a shame that we have to keep going through heartbreak and sadness. The evil is working very hard and strong. People have to know that if the evil is working on the adults, you know satan is working twice as hard on the kids. We have to try and stop this before it gets worse. We have to stop fighting evil with evil because all we are doing is letting satan win. When you see this type of stuff, most of the time it comes from bullying or something wrong at home.

We as people have to start talking to our kids and paying more attention to them and the things that they do. We have to be the voices that starts somewhere to help stop the violence. I know that it seems like we can’t do anything but we can. And it all starts from home. Any step that you take to make sure that your kid(s) are okay, that’s a start.

People let’s try to stop this violence for we are losing to many of our kids and family members to it. We have to come together and voice the importance of losing people. We have to pray for those who are going through thing that make them want to do harm to other. The more of us come together and pray, the stronger the prayer is. Now let us take some time to pray for the parents that lost their child and for those who got injured. And let’s pray for the damage that this shooting has caused to people and the children.


Stop the Violence


15 thoughts on “The violence in this world seems to never “STOP”

  1. Stan, the adversary, is working harder in our time than he has before on young kids. We need to bring children to Jesus Christ’s safety. Parents have to start taking a more active role in checking to see what their children are watching or doing on the internet. Satan is gaining control of the the young in society which is harder to understand each time these events unfold. We need to pray with our children and teach them God’s word and his commandments. Thou shall not kill is important for kids to learn. Love thou neighbor like you would yourself. Children are not being taught these valuable lessons that the Bible teaches us. I pray that these parents who lost a child and those who have children that were shot know that Heavenly Father and His Only Begotten Son loves them. I know he does.

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