Horrible!!! Horrible!!! News In Japan

#PrayForJapan For they just had and earthquake that turned into a big tsunami Friday 15, 2019

It is getting bad in japan. They just had a 8.4 earthquake that turned into a tsunami. This is the 2nd or 3rd on this year. People out there are already doing bad and still haven’t recovered from the last tsunami and other floods that they have been happening. I just want to take time to ask everyone to pray for them. Pray that they are safe and people be found. And pray for those who have lost someone. These things keep happening for a reason and a lot of people don’t know why. I pray that they have faith and hope that GOD is with them and that got protect them from the flood that came in and took everything from them. It’s said when you think about what had happen to them. GOD save the children that have to deal with this and those who are lost find them. We are here for japan and in my prayers.

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