Why is this happening in our schools

What is going on in this world that people have to bring so much evil to our schools with our children. I was on youtube and came across a video that had the news on it about a football coach. The video was talking about how a football coach is getting in trouble for praying with the team before the game. Why is it so bad that people want to pray. This same thing happened to a teacher a few days ago. It’s getting to bad when people are losing their jobs over praying and speaking the word of GOD. They have already started taking GOD’S word out of the schools and students are being punished for having bible clubs at school. The devil is working to hard and to close to home. People shouldn’t have the right to stop people believing in GOD and following him. They have no right to vote on rather to keep it in the schools or take it out of the schools. Do you know that in china, they have already started taking the bible off the internet out there and people are getting jailed just for having worship. Even worse, in some places people are being killed because they believe and pray to GOD our heavenly father.Β 


We can’t allow people to try and take that away from no one. People shouldn’t have to go through this evil stuff that’s going on. Teachers, coaches, and anyone working at a school shouldn’t lose their jobs just because they want to pray or talk about GOD. GOD is everything and everything is GOD. We have to show them that GOD is stronger then them and that they keep him away from the people. GOD is our light and he will always shine brighter through the darkness that is try to take over. At these last days, it’s time to pray and spread GOD’S word even more. People and children, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t say this you can’t say that because GOD is listening to you. For GOD stands by you with every word that comes out of your mouth. The best way to make evil leave is to speak the word and show the word. The devil is scared of GOD and GOD’S word hurts him and anyone who follows evil. Have you ever notice that when you talk about GOD those who have evil in them will walk away. They can’t defeat GOD. Like a always say to people and have them think about this.

Do you want to keep fighting this battle by yourself? or Do you want to win the war with GOD on your side?

One thought on “Why is this happening in our schools

  1. Good point. As ‘self’ in people reaches critical mass their love grows cold and this kind of stuff happens. We are on a collision course with the mass of ‘self’ rising this very hour. Truly in my entire lifetime I have never seen such a concentrated attack by satan, his minions and those people that agree with him against the truth.

    This battle is reaching a fever pitch right now in Congress and has the potential to disrupt the whole world if satan wins this round. We must be diligent in prayer, standing in truth, so that we, who love and follow the truth, will call for the justice and truth of God to win. If we do not stand against the darkness now the future will be very, very dark for those who love God.

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