Unbelievable events are occurring everywhere

Hello world, I am here with another weather video to show you that what happen in these places are going to happen in other places. People have to know that just because it hasn’t happened where you are, don’t mean that it wont. These are just more signs that we are living in the last days and that LORD JESUS CHRIST is getting closer. These things that are happening to people is very sad and we don’t want to see nothing happen to anyone. That’s why we have to get our house in order and give ourselves to LORD JESUS CHRIST.Β 

Even if things have already happened, we have to always pray and pray for those who are going through it now. It’s going to only get worse. People don’t even know that the sins that they do is part of why things like this happens. Repent now and get with LORD JESUS CHRIST for he is our key into heaven. For those people who are going through this, all I have to say is, stay strong and pray for LORD JESUS CHRIST is with you and your family. LORD JESUS CHRIST is our savior and he is here to save all of us.


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