The voice that sounds so sweet and honest, like the waves that soothes your mind. Like the rain that falls on your window to calm the body. Like the wind that blows so softly against your face. The voice that speaks blessings to you. Like when you see a beautiful shooting star and make a wish. Like when you feel like everything is going wrong but starts going right. Like that strong faith that you have in your heart. The voice that humbles you, like a beautiful butterfly sitting on a lovely flower. Like the snow that is falling down laying down so gracefully on the ground. Like walking in nature to take a breather and reflect on life. The voice that warnings you of what’s about to come. Like a dark cloud that forms in the sky. Like when you feel the ground rumbling under your feet. Like when you see the sea rise right in front of your eyes. The voice of the truth and only truth. Like when you look in someones eye and know they’re telling the truth. Like when a person speaks the word of GOD. Like the feeling you get with the word of GOD. This voice is the most powerful voice in the world.

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