My Thoughts #12

My thoughts today are about love and peace that you feel when you have GOD with you and in you. Love is so important to life. Life makes people feel happy but sometimes it can hurt. But the type of love that I’m thinking of will never hurt you. And this type of love is what is going to bring you your peace. These 2 words that I said comes from our loving GOD. GOD’S love is like no other. It is real and it never goes away, even if you make a mistake. GOD will always be there for everyone. His hand is out there for everyone to grab. GOD’S love is so power that it will have smiling everyday all day. The love from GOD gives you peace. You don’t know peace when you feel this peace. You feel like your in GOD’S word and that you don’t hear or feel no evil. Get the love and peace that you are looking for. And just to add GOD love us all.

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