Time to cut people off to get right with GOD

Now here is a video that goes with on of my post about cutting people off. I know that some people right now are asking, why do I have to cut people off? See the thing is that some of the people or all the people around you mean you no good. Some people in your life is going to make it hard for you to change your life and become a better person. Most important of all is that, they are trying to stop you from getting closer to GOD.

GOD should be the first person on your mind. People in your life could be your family members or friends that is harming you. It might hurt at first when you start cutting people off. But when you step back and be on the outside looking in, people will start showing you their true colors. The main thing is to put GOD first.

Focus on the plan that GOD has for you. Make GOD your first and not the last. Repent and ask for forgiveness. And see when you let those people go how better you will feel.

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