Christmas Day #2

It’s the holiday season and I want to say happy holidays to everyone & their families. Can you feel the love in the air because I can. I can feel GOD’S love everywhere. This holiday is going to be so special for people and most important is that GOD is going to come into people lives this holiday season like he does everyday. The holidays is another day to praise GOD and ask him to come into your life. A special holiday is when you know that everything you do is because of GOD. GOD is the reason why we can smile each day and wake up to see this holiday blessings.

It’s a blessing to know that GOD made this special day for us. To spread the love and spread the blessings you got to someone else. GOD is the most high and the powerful, that grace will never go away. The best gift that anyone can get for Christmas is having GOD right there with you and making sure you and your family is safe. GOD can make anything happen when you think your holiday not gone be right and put a big smile on your face. That’s why this holiday is going to be a great blessing.

GOD we would like to give you a loving thank you for making this holiday happen and special. Now it’s time to get everything ready for the family that is coming over or that is coming from out of town. It’s time to put the gifts under the tree and get up to start the cooking. Time to sit by the fire with the family and drink some hot coco and laugh about old memories. It just feel grateful to be able and spend this day with GOD and family. Without GOD there wouldn’t be this great holiday.

Happy holidays once again!! And may your holiday be blessed with laughter and love. And may GOD come into your life and shine bright like the sun. 



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