These Events Are Going To Get Worse

These types of events been happening for a long time. Every time you look, there is something going on somewhere. It is now 2020 and don’t think that this is going to stop. The LORD has a plan and your just not paying any attention. These events are going to get worse and there’s nothing that you can do about it. You have to know that the world is the reason. And that reason is turning their back on GOD and want to listen to the devil. We can’t let that happen. I pray that you people ask for forgiveness and repent to GOD. The second coming of LORD JESUS CHRIST is here. Get ready for what’s about to come. Watch this video until the end because this is what is still to come.


5 thoughts on “These Events Are Going To Get Worse

  1. We just have to keep praying, Mrs. Holliman. The bible says that He that letteth will let until Christ returns. So, I believe God will put a stop to these nonsense and senseless wars and the killing of innocent lives soon.

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