The Bee Love Award

I want to give a huge thank you to Beverley for nominating me for The Bee Love Award. I have never had this award before. I am grateful for this award. I love Beverley blog site. She is all about GOD and life. The importance of GOD’S word. You will enjoy her blog.

Check out her Bee Love Post it’s great:

Guidelines for Bee Love Award:

  1. Attach the Bee Love Award logo on the top of your post, or you can use it as the post’s featured image.
  2. Pingback to my site.
  3. Thank you to your fellow blogger who nominated you.
  4. Nominate your fellow bloggers.
  5. Write your definition of true love.

My Definition Of True Love:

My definition of true love is GOD and real family. GOD’S love is the most precious love that you can count on. Love is trust and honesty. Love is a butterfly that fly in the sky to peace. Love to to me is being humble in this world. Following the word of GOD. Letting him into your life.


  • Mr.Holliman –
  • Lydia Potter –
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