Matthew 24! End Time Warning

Listen to this great video of Matthew 24 about the end time warning. PEOPLE! we have to get ready for what’s about to come. Don’t nobody know what day or hour the LORD JESUS CHRIST is coming. The person that is the speaker of this video is Carter Conlon. He is letting people know the warning in Matthew 24. It is very important to listen to what is being said.



Our days are getting short. The world is about to change and it’s not for the good. This world is about to fall and you don’t want to fall with it. We have to pray and give ourselves to GOD and change all the way around. LORD JESUS CHRIST is our key into heaven. Like I said before you don’t want to be left behind.

8 thoughts on “Matthew 24! End Time Warning

  1. My mum will tell me that anytime I feel scared hearing the end time news, that means there’s a part of my life that needs Jesus.

    Now, I’m scared again, I have to check my life and cleanse it of any uncleanliness by rededicating and confessing my sinful life

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