My Thoughts Of Life #2


Life is a strange thing when it comes to this world now days. There is so much evil that try to take over your life that you have to fight off of you. There is always bumps in the road that you have to over come. The way that you have to do that is to get the LORD in your life. The LORD is always up for the task to help you. LORD JESUS is the one that can come into your life and fill that void that you have in your heart. You only need him in your life. LORD JESUS CHRIST is are salvation for life and he is the one that can make your life a lot better. People life is lived different and people go through different things and some of the same.


Like take my life for example!! I have been through a lot of things in my life. I had a lot of demons that I was fighting in my life that I didn’t know how I was going to deal with it. I was one of those people who drank a lot, listened to bad, and fought a whole lot. There are other things that happened in my life that I want to save for my testimony post that I have coming up. But I was hanging around the wrong people and just doing what I want to do. But one day I got into a car accident and my whole life flashed by my eyes. I knew that if I didn’t get my life right after this, I’m going to die.


So one day the LORD came to me when I was deep into my depression and told me that I mean something to him. I never heard words so soft and sweet. The words that came out his mouth was full of love and I couldn’t do nothing but listen to him. He told me that life will get better and that he has a plan for me. So when I heard these words, something in my heart told me that I have to change. And I started to change and get the people the was bringing me harm. And also I had to stop all the things that I was doing. Now since I been following his way I see the real meaning of life. It’s more better when you’r living for him. This is my thoughts of life and a little about mine. GOD Bless

7 thoughts on “My Thoughts Of Life #2

  1. I love this.

    I also had similar experiences like yours.

    I committed a lot of sins. Sins that I’m aware and those that I am not aware of.

    Then I realized that if I want to have a changed life, God is the only one that can guarantee that.

    I started doing the things of God and it has been helping me. When I commit sin, and I don’t ask for forgiveness or repentance, the sin in me becomes strong.

    God told me that if I sin, and I repent, the devil goes away, but comes back with more reinforcements. So I must make sure I don’t enter into sin often so I won’t find it hard to turn back to God.

    That’s my thought of life🌺

    You are doing a great job Mrs Holliman ❤️

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  2. Beautiful! I love this, it’s such a wonderful testimony of how Jesus meets us where we are and His unconditional love. Everything that you endured in your life was for a reason and I sometimes think that those who have endured the most, seen “both sides” have such a profound revelation of who Christ is. I love that He finds us at our lowest moments and reveals His love to us.

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