It’s getting bad out here is getting badly worse for people. This virus started all around china and now it’s hitting close to home. When I woke up yesterday I read that now there is almost more than 28 cases of the Coronavirus that made it’s way to California. And so many deaths from this has happened already and the number of deaths is still not clear. It is so sad that we have to deal with this. Now they have other place on state of emergency that don’t even have a case of the Coronavirus. The government say that they have this virus under control but they really don’t. Have you ever asked yourself, if they have it under control then why is it still spreading? This really don’t make any sense.

These days are going to get worse and we are getting closer to our LORD JESUS CHRIST return. It is time to get down and pray. Pray the people that have got infected and pray for this world that is going to affect. It’s very sad that this is something else that are taking people lives away. There is no way that people can run from this, we just have get our houses in order and get ready for what is about to come. These is last days and there is more to come. They say that they have something that is going to help but ask yourself, What people will be able to get the medicine. The government always pick and choose what people can get the best help. The poor people are always the ones to get looked over when it comes to anything. We have to pray for them people.

We don’t know how long this is going to last. This virus is very scary for people at this time. There are people that have to leave their jobs because of the virus. Where did this virus come from? How long to we have to deal with this virus? and How long will it last? are questions that everyone is asking. All I can say is pray and make sure that you have everything you need before it comes your way. Let the LORD JESUS protect the people and everyone in this world. Pray!! Pray!! Pray!!

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