Lockdown & Curfew In Fresno, CA

It’s getting bad out here in Fresno, CA. For those who don’t know, we are officially on lockdown. They said that there is no flights coming in or out of California. The schools have been shutdown for the rest of the year. And there was another case of coronavirus out here. People are told to stay in their homes. People don’t know what they are going to do. But everything is going to get better with Jesus.

Not to mention, we are also on a 8 o’clock curfew. People in Fresno have to be in their houses by that time. This stuff is getting very serious so fast. We just havevto pray to Jesus. Know that he is our protector. He is with us all through this hard time. Jesus will never turn his back on us. Let’s take a little time now and say a little pray. God Bless

13 thoughts on “Lockdown & Curfew In Fresno, CA

  1. Hi !
    I love the white doves that you post on this site. The white dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. In Israel, white doves are very common. I remember them flying around. They are gentle birds, and make a gentle cooing sound.
    Jesus sees what is happening, and always, he asks us to trust.
    You and I are at opposite ends of North America.
    You are in the West, and I am at the very edge of the East Coast.
    Now, as always, we trust in Jesus. πŸ€—

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    1. Yes we do. We are all the same and come from the same which is Jesus Christ. And your right white doves are very gentle and they are also very peaceful. And sorry for the late reply God Bless


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