My Thoughts On More Kindness Helping The World #9


This world is in so much trouble that people don’t even know what to do with themselves. We as people have to understand that it’s time to spread more kindness in this world like Jesus would want us to. Kindness is everything in this world just like love is and the reason is Jesus are those things. We need to start taking a stand and change for the better to help other people. There is a lot of people that don’t have anything or no family. We have to step up and help those who need help. Life is to short to be wasted on being selfish. Jesus wants us to do what he did for his people. Take care of them, love them, and bring them hope and faith back into people’s lives. Let’s spread this kindness and bring people back to Jesus and live life with love and faith in Jesus.

Kindness means a lot of different things. It is up to you to want to make a change in the world. Let me give my meaning of kindness. And don’t mind how I wrote the word kindness, wanted it to look different.HaHaHa

  1. K – Lord Jesus Christ
  2. I – Tenderness
  3. N – Understanding
  4. D – Friendliness
  5. N – Helpfulness
  6. E – Thoughtful
  7. S – Selflessness
  8. S – Compassion

This is my meaning of what kindness is. Kindness is the best thing to do and it will put a huge smile on your face. Jesus is working on me and all of you to do his work and no one else. I ask people to take that leap of faith and help someone or just be kind to them. Some people just want someone to talk to and you could be one of those people. In the comments let me know, What kindness means to you?


10 thoughts on “My Thoughts On More Kindness Helping The World #9

  1. When we see kindness, we’re inspired to do the same. When we focus on our similarities, we’re more likely to be compassionate toward one another. That’s great news, because there’s one thing that we all have in common – we are all people.

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