My Thoughts On How I Got Over Depression #10

Depression is something scary to go through and think about. But I’m going to tell you how I over came depression. Let me give you a short version first.

In my life I was going through a lot of stuff and had evil things done to me. I was in my room one day thinking about killing myself but something came to me and said stop for I have a plan for you. I knew exactly who that was speaking and I got down on my knees and my whole life changed after that. Jesus came to me and made me believe and trust him. My mind was so different on life and I was more happier.

I just wanted to right this post because this was on my mind. Some times I think back about where I came from and where I am now with Jesus.

12 thoughts on “My Thoughts On How I Got Over Depression #10

  1. This is indeed a lovely post.

    Jesus also saved me from worldliness and I keep reminding myself that I must not do anything that will make Jesus sad.

    Even though we aren’t perfect, but whenever we commit sin, we should be quick to repent and ask for forgiveness. Jesus will be even more happy with us.

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  2. The divine is in everyone and everything, πŸŒπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒπŸ—ΊπŸŒπŸŒž
    After the winter, comes the spring
    Please everybody , repeat and sing ,
    The bells of joy start to ring,
    After the darkness of the night,
    The glowing sun would shine bright ,
    You do not have to hold on things all so tight ,
    With the divine grace and love ,
    All blessings flow to our sight ,
    The divine would save us,
    All ends well and what is right ,
    Shall always fall into place ; despite ,
    What we may or may not fear or fright ,
    Divine grace is never ever finite ( unlimited )
    To transform With all love and presence,
    embrace and find a way with Godly spirit to really ignite …
    God is here and there ,
    existing everywhere
    Dare to believe that love is fair …

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  3. Through both joy and pain,
    We transcend , grow and gain…
    God help all includingΒ  Spain
    We turn and recenter in love
    And awareness we can regain ,
    In love , nothing goes in vain ,
    Blessings around us start to rain …
    After we fall , we rise again ,
    For presenceΒ  to regain
    and be more aware and sane …
    The divine would save us
    For us the world , God would sustain …

    Wael from Lebanon being mentioned in the Bible as the land of Cedars of God…

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  4. Powerful testimony, Mrs. Holliman. I am so glad Jesus came into your life at the right time to show you that you are special and greatness is within you. Continue to walk with the Lord. God bless you.

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