2020 Prophecy – The End Of The World!

Now we are in the days of repentance and judgment. We have to take things a little more seriously. Jesus wants us to come home to him but he can’t do it all by himself. We as people need to repent and ask Jesus For forgiveness. We have to learn to walk away from all your sins and cut off those that are not good for you. Even if that means family and friends. It’s getting close to the last days and there are going to be a lot of people being left behind. Get right “NOW” and go to LORD JESUS and let JESUS handle the rest. God Bless!


3 thoughts on “2020 Prophecy – The End Of The World!

  1. With all my love and appreciation, no one knows exactly when the last
    Days or when the day of judgement comes …
    I think that paradise or heaven is within you in the now here through your good intention, faith and love in the now here …
    As Jesus Christ says that the kingdom of God is within you…

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