My Thoughts On The End Of Days #11


What does it means when you say the end of days? What is coming with the end of days?  It seems like it’s going to be a lot. The end of days comes with a lot of different events and the change of the world. That change is already here. Have you ever paid attention to why disaster events keep happening or why the business world keeps coming out with something new? Jesus is coming back soon and we have to know this. These things are coming into place. My thoughts are that we have to see the signs that are in our face. There is so much stuff a person does that they have to walk away from.

The people of this world are the ones that are spreading this evil and destroying the world that God made for us. People don’t think about how they are hurting the world but also hurting God. We as people are supposed to be of God and not of this world. Being of this world is being of this evil. You don’t know that you are helping satan spread his work and now it’s time to stop it. Now it’s time to get away from the evil and spread God’s word.

There are going to be a lot of people wondering did Jesus ever come and the answer to them is going to be yes. The thing about it is that some of you people are going to get left behind. To many of you is blinded to this world and not paying attention to Jesus and what he has been telling everyone. You have to get your act together or you will be one of those people. It is not going to be a good feeling when that happens. It doesn’t mean that Jesus don’t love you it just means that you choose the world over him. And now Jesus left you here on earth to figure it out.

Come to Jesus and be saved. Be free from the evil that is taking you down the wrong path. The end days are coming and these disaster events are going to get bigger and worse.

I pray that people hear what I am saying. I don’t want people to be left behind. I pray that people can feel your love like I do and the glory in your name. I pray that people see the truth in your word and the honesty in his voice. I pray that you stay watching over the people and working on them. I pray that you have mercy on those who are of evil and that you open their hearts. Amen


3 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The End Of Days #11

  1. “That change is already here.” It sure is alright. Those who have eyes let them see and those who have ears to hear let them hear what the Spirit of the LORD says. Judgement day is soon to come and only a remnant will be taken up with Christ. I feel so grieved for this world on a regular basis. Witnessing to the lost has become more tedious. I actually see how boldly they reject God’s Son in my face, even my own family members. It’s just really sad and it grieves me and my Father a lot… 😪😢…. pwerful and spirit led message for this season. May we continue to look up for our redemption draweth nigh. Blessings and grace to you.

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