Good Morning It’s Friday


Good morning, Good evening, and Good night to everyone around the world. I am here just to bless your Friday and weekend with positivity and love. May that Jesus keeps you and your family safe at a time like this. Today I just wanted to say a little pray.

Heavenly Father I ask that you watch over the people around the world, may that you put your healing hands on those that are sick and dealing with harm time. Heavenly Father I pray that you have mercy on the world and bring light to everyone’s life, may everyone’s weekend be blessed in your name Lord Jesus. May that families spread love and happiness. I pray that we rejoice your name and put our hope and faith in you. Jesus, we love you, and thank you in Jesus Name I Pray Amen!

Have a wonderful and blessed Friday. May you and your family be safe.


5 thoughts on “Good Morning It’s Friday

  1. As Eckhart Tolle says tap into the spaciousness or stillness or consciousness that could watch your thinking mind and be aware of it …
    It is said like do  not overthink and live simply .Do  not be so attached to the outcome or fruits of your action .
    Accept whatever the present moment takes and be the best version of yourself… Relax from time to time after you feel intuitively guided…
    The Bible says :” Be still and know I am God. ”
    Meditate and the best answers come when you relax and allow the best you to emerge or unfold …Some thinkers,  scientists and managers get inspired to make good choices , plans or decisions  when they rest in a relaxed quiet room alone …

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    1. Did you get a chance and check out my new blog. This blog is all about the poems that I wrote myself. And just to let you now that some or all poems you might have read already on this blog.


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