10 Of My Favorite feelings tag #1


I want to give Tangie @Mrs. T’s Corner for nominating me for this tag. I am very grateful. Her blog is so inspiring and I love her faith and love in Jesus. You will enjoy her blog very much. Go and give her blog a follow if you’re not already. Thank you Tangie once again.


  1. List out 10 of your favorite feelings!! That’s it very easy

10 Of My Favorite Feelings:

  1. My favorite feeling is happiness that I get when I am with my husband
  2. My favorite feeling is love that you get from the Lord Jesus Christ and from my husband
  3. My favorite is sadness because when you have this feeling it shows that you are human in any situation
  4. My favorite feeling is respect because that is what this world was based on and I don’t like to disrespect anyone
  5. My favorite feeling is the peace that you get when you say a prayer to Jesus and you feel his presents on and around you
  6. My favorite feeling is purpose because I know from God that I have a purpose in this life and he will show me
  7. My favorite feeling is when I eat a chocolate cake
  8. My favorite feeling is when I know that I spread kindness and the Lord’s word to the people
  9. My favorite feeling is that joy that you feel when completed something that you thought or people told you you can’t do it.
  10. My favorite feeling is gratefulness

It’s too many of my great blog family to type in so I’m taking this time to say that you all are nominated for the “10 Of My Favorite Feelings”. I hope that you participate in this great tag. God Bless

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