What is the world coming to???

What s This World Coming To?Hello my sisters and brothers, i have one question for you all. What is the world coming to? Do anyone know? it’s too much stuff that has been going on in this world from disasters, police killing people and these wild protests. To top it off is that people don’t even understand that we are still dealing with COVID-19. And tat’s even rising back up. Do you know where i stay, the cases has doubled in the pass weeks. We have to try and stop all this madness that is going on. There is too much to life that God has planned for us to wasted. There are other ways that situations can be handled without violence. You don’t have to go around destroying people things and businesses. them people don’t have nothing to do with what happened.

People you have to know that the best way to handle these situations is with God. God has control of everything but somethings have to come to pass. At this time we all need to grab hands and kneel down and pray to our heavenly father. Don’t nothing works when you think you can do things your way but is doesn’t work that way. It’s always God’s way and that way is the right way. They will hear you when you do it god’s way.

It’s time for us to come together as people for black lives matter and for all lives matters. We are stronger as people together walking with God and praying together to God. Do anyone understand what I’m trying to say. Let’s to better and do things different. Let’s ask God what we should do and how we can be heard without the violence. We don’t want to destroy what God made for us.

Heavenly Father, I want to ask for your mercy on these people that are destroying your world and falling away from faith. Let you speak to their hearts and let know that there is another and better way. Let them get rid of all that anger and kill this evil with love and understanding. My these protests people find a positive way to be heard. Let you come down and restore order. May the innocents don’t be punished for other people evil deeds. I pray that you watch over everyone and make sure that they are safe and their family. Amen!!


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