My Thoughts On Making A Change #19

life2Change can be scary for some people but for me I was waiting for a change. It took me a long time to get to where I’m at now. And I want to thank God for that. God helped me get back on track for the better. I didn’t know what God had in store for me but now I see. Being this new person is the happiest thing in the world. My mind is more clear and my eyes are open. All that I feel is joy, love, and peace in my heart since I let God into m life. The way that I am Now, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you, God, for giving me a second chance and showing me the love that a person can’t get nowhere else. God bless


5 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Making A Change #19

  1. Through both joy and pain ,
    We transcend grow and gain…
    Never say that life has ended in vain  ,
    All that God sends is a blissful rain ,
    Dark clouds water the trees and roses ,
    So  divinie spirit  would forever remain ,
    To restore life and reality sustain ,
    After stormy weather , in faith , remain ,
    that the sky would brightly the sun contain , …

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  2. When the night gets dark
    And the clouds make  a lightening spark ,
    Water would nourish us with rain ,
    to bring joy and transcend the pain ,
    All would happen for us to  gain ,
    God help us   rebalance  again ,

    With divine spirit , we remain 
    Guidance and love , we restore and retain .

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