666: The Mark Of The Beast and {Gematria} Part 2

I hope that you enjoyed the first part about the mark of the beast. Now to finish it off, here is part 2. This video gets into the depth of 666. The mark of the beast is not good and we have to stay clear from it. Don’t allow the devil to try and come take your soul. We are only for who made us which is God. The devil just wants to take control of the world and of you. That’s the whole point of the chip that they want everyone to get. Give everything to God and let him deal with the evil coming your way. and also, stand by God in this spiritual battle that we are facing now in our lives. Enjoy this information and share it around. God bless & stay safe.


4 thoughts on “666: The Mark Of The Beast and {Gematria} Part 2

  1. When the sky gets dark ,
    And gray clouds litter a lightening spark,
    God would nourish all with rain ,
    To bring joy and transcend the pain,
    Nothing really goes in vain ,
    Always thrive to bless again ,
    In fantasy,   you thrive and gain ,
    Blessed you would forever and ever remain ,
    The blue sky can sunshine contain …
    The universe shall a rainbow to  you explain ,
    Drops of rain would livelihood retain…
    For life to be renewed with gain
    Again , and again and again …

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  2. I don’t believe that Gematria is necessary to calculate the beast. 666 is the number of man and the beast is simply the system or kingdom of man. I have shared more on this in the book book Harm not the Oil and Wine.

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