10 Of My Favorite Feelings Tag #2


I want to give my great friend James A. @James A. Best-Author for nominating me fr this award. I am glad to do this award again and tag people in. I really love James’s blog. It has all types of stories and other things that he posts. You should go over and take a read. And give him a follow if you haven’t already.

Rules: Lits out 10 of your favorite feelings!! It’s That Essy!!


I know the tag said 10 but I had to add a couple more. These are all my favorite feelings and the reason why is because these feelings are what make us human. Without feelings, there is no life. Life is based on feelings. This is why I chose the picture above. Life is the reason for all these feelings. From loving God, family, and other siblings. Being mad at the world for the evil that has been spread. Excited that the Lord Jesus Christ is returning and calm from peace from God. And so on.


  1. Lydia Potter – https://inhisserviceandlovingit.wordpress.com
  2. Joshua Swanson – https://joshuamakotoswanson.wordpress.com
  3. Nabeeha Jameel – https://brainsstorms.wordpress.com

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