The CloseOut On My Thoughts #20


Hello, my blog family, I am here to say that this is my closeout to my thoughts. I have really enjoyed letting you in and telling you a little about my life. I want to thank everyone that is following for your support and encouraging words. I am happy that I have people to talk to without being judged. The whole reason that I started My Thoughts is that I felt like it was time to talk about what happen and let it go. I know that I have Jesus Christ in my life but sometimes I catch myself overthinking a lot of old things that happened to me in my life.

I don’t want to go and fall back into that dark place that I was in. That’s why I write my thoughts down and pray. I can’t keep caring things on my shoulders no longer. This was a way to let people in and get to know me. I love everything about Jesus Christ and I want people to know that. And for women that been through something that I am here to talk because I know what you have been through because I been there. Making a post about my thoughts helped me a whole lot and helped me deal with a lot of old wounds. It’s so good to know that there are some really kind people out there that really do care about you even if they don’t know or seen you before.

With that said this is my closeout to My Thoughts. I will be coming back with some more of my thoughts. This is me close to the second chapter ofΒ  My Thoughts. I hope that you enjoyed them and thank you again for everyone’s understanding, love, and support. Until next time God Bless

And if you like to watch youtube videos specifically about God, dreams, signs in the weather and people’s testimony on how that got to God. Feel free to talk a look at my new youtube channel: Heavenly Gates

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