Back to school for kids is around the corner!!! Is going back to school safe for our children?

a5b3a63f-0996-41d5-bacb-bd7261bf410f-large16x9_covid19Let me start by explaining this horrible virus that came to take over our world. This Covid-19 has made a lot of people sick and people have lost their lives from this virus. The virus of satan that seems to not want to leave us alone. This virus affects almost all of your body parts on your body. The bad thing about this is that some people don’t even have any symptoms and could have the virus. The virus has gotten so bad that now it’s starting to affect the children more and women that are having a baby. There is no running away from Covid-19. Why is this happening to the people? and What are they going to do about it? Now to the 2nd thing!!!


It’s almost back to school for a lot of kids and I know that some of these kids are so excited to go and be able to play with their friends. I not saying schools are not good and I know that kids have to get their education. But there are some things that you have to think about the safety of your child when it comes to this dangerous pandemic. Kids have been waiting for this day for a long time and now people don’t even know how to handle it. Kids miss that playing at recess, eating lunch with friends, and the best part of a school, learning something new. This would be a good thing for the kids. But What will be the consequences?


This is not at all going to be safe for these children to go back to school. If people don’t know they will know now how not safe it is for their child to go back to school. There have been more cases involving children with Covid-19. This virus has been affecting the children in a different way by giving them a different type of disease. I don’t want to see another parent lose one or another child from this virus. How are they going to make it safe for children to go back to school? I don’t think there is going to be away. It is to much stuff that is going on and this virus is spreading faster this second time around. Since this is ongoing, kids should stay at home and do their homework online. I pray that they make the choice not to open up these schools. You can’t social distance these kids when they’re at school. I pray that parents and the government make the right choice.

I’m writing this post to get people’s opinions on this matter. What do you think should happen with this back to school? Do you think children should go back to school? If you are a parent, What would you do? Are you keeping your kids home or sending them to school? Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments. I would love to hear from the blogging community on this matter. Thank you and God Bless EveryoneΒ 


9 thoughts on “Back to school for kids is around the corner!!! Is going back to school safe for our children?

  1. Good morning, sister, I am thankful our district is starting the school year with teaching online. There is a “phase” system in place, which means kids will go back to the building in shifts IF state approves such activity. My personal opinion is that there is some human control going on with the virus with not good motives. God is not pleased. So those of us who love and seek to obey Him need to keep praying for mercy and healing (of hearts and physical bodies). Have a blessed day. In Christ, Julie

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  2. In these times, it is crucial to keep close to God, listen to His voice and get His wisdom. Fear and control are from the enemy of our souls and are very evident. Psalm 91 that begins with “he who dwells in the shelter of the Most High……will not fear the arrow that flys by day or the pestilence that stalks at midnight.” The only safe place is to habituate with God and have his wisdom through Holy Spirit. He will direct our steps and keep us and our children safe. We are in a season of transition, the only place of safety is taking refuge in God.

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