Bible Verse Of The Day #18

God is so gracious for giving his only begotten son for are sins. And for that that’s the reason why people should know that Lord Jesus Christ is our mediator between God and man. Don’t nothing goes to God but through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is here to do the work of his father and report back to him. Jesus Christ is our key into heaven. Just know when you talk to Jesus Christ is talking to God because the words go through Jesus Christ.

That’s why I have the perfect bible verse for you today. And please feel free to share the word. We have to come and talk to Jesus Christ. He is our safe haven and the peace that everyone is looking for in their life.

Hope this post makes it’s journey to a lot of people. We have to know that it’s time to talk to Jesus Christ and invite him in to your life. I pray that what I am saying makes it’s way to your heart. For Jesus Christ loves you and is waiting on you. God bless and my the Lord Jesus Christ finds his way to your heart.😇😇💖💖

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