Non-Stop Early Morning Devotion Worship Songs

Hello, my blog family, I know that everyone has been going through a lot especially since this pandemic had happened. So that’s why I am bringing you something that will lift your spirits today. I love it when I hear this type of music and I know that you’re going to love it too. These songs will make you feel closer to Jesus Christ and help you through these bad times. I want to share some uplifting songs for you.


I pray that this post finds it’s way to everyone. I pray that this brings people closer to Christ and puts a smile on their faces. I pray that Jesus Christ looks over everyone in this world and put his protective shield over them. I pray that those who are dealing with COVID-19 gets better and full of life. I pray that Jesus has mercy on the world and bless those who believe. In Jesus Christ Name AMEN!!

4 thoughts on “Non-Stop Early Morning Devotion Worship Songs

  1. When the night comes or the sky turns gray ,
    The sky showers us to grow and stay ,
    alive and happy in every way ,
    To God we sway , that every sun ray ,
    Would shine again and clear the clouds away ,
    So you could see to  never get astray ,
    Divinity gets us to pay ,
    attention that everything we get  through ,
    has a silver lining every  night
    and   day …
    You say good morning ,
    “Tommorow is another day ” for a melody to  play …
    The rainy days of April showers flowers of May …( as said… )

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