Bible Verse Of The Day #19


Psalm 23:6 “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

What would it be like to live in the house of the LORD? All that love and that peace, that will surround you all the time. The smiles and the feeling of being one big family to all and friends to all. That spirit that comes over you that will never leave. Being able to be with the Lord all the time is something special and real.

I know that there are a lot of people that have asked themselves this question. In the comments let me know what this bible verse means to you and What would it be like to live in the house of the LORD?

30 thoughts on “Bible Verse Of The Day #19

  1. For me, it means that we as “born again” believers have the Holy Spirit living within us… And if we remain focused on placing Christ first in our lives…we will remain “ON FIRE” for the Lord… Those not on fire for the Lord, should read my latest post on how and why we should be living for Christ… They will be blessed if they are filled with the Holy Spirit !!

    Blessings in Christ

    “Are You a Christian in God’s Eyes, and “ON FIRE” for the Lord, or not ??” –

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  2. I believe that once we are saved we are already dwelling in the House of the Lord. What I mean by that is we have already been given eternal life & have been adopted into His family. We have 24/7 access to the Father thru Holy Spirit. We may not always feel His presence, however that doesn’t mean He is not there. He hasn’t moved, we did!

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  3. Well being homeless we have a unique perspective. Not having a house or a home is a big deal, especially in our climate. Not only does it mean warmth and shelter but it also means communion, safety and love. Where we are accepted and cared for just because we are.

    Now I recognize earthly homes are not like that. I grew up in one that was the exact opposite of love, care and attention. But by not having a house for many years now and having no home at all for 3 1/2 years our family learned something. We learned that the core of a house, a home, is critical. When you take away the shell you see that in it’s rawest form. This is what we saw.

    Having lost all family, friends and connections we had nothing but Jesus and each other. We had to learn to love each other because it was all we had. Even though we started our homeless journey as family we were eventually forged into comrades, brothers in arms. Each of us fought and suffered together and somehow that created a bond between that transcends family. So when I think of those that I will dwell with in the house of the Lord I think of that. I think of all my brothers and sisters who have suffered untold misery and hardship as they learned the lessons of faith. These are my comrades, my heroes. I am welded to them as one is welded to one who fights alongside you. To me the house of the Lord is a place where I will meet and commune with those that have suffered and died because they were fighting for the only One worth fighting for.

    And at the very center is Jesus. Not the One sitting on a throne, who is distant and aloof, but the One who sat in the trenches with us as we were being shelled by the enemy. The One whose feet were as sore as ours after a long day of marching. The One whose tummy rumbled with hunger with ours when went long days without eating. This is our Lord. This is our God. He is the One that walks with us through the trials and suffering all because He wants to dwell with US! How can I even begin to grasp that love that went so far in suffering just because He wanted us to be with Him?

    To me home is more than smiles and hugs. It is tears and pain that have been wiped away, an understanding that what He led us through was worth it because He is worth it. And to all my brothers and sisters who endure in faith to the end, I look forward to hugging you when we arrive.
    To be in the house of the Lord forever means that after all that we have suffered here we can come Home! Home at last, never to be turned out again. A place where we can finally dwell with our Beloved and be at rest.


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