{Coronvirus} CDC Americans Need To Prepare

I just have a few words about this Covid-19 virus. This virus is getting out of control and people still don’t to come to Jesus Christ. They say that this virus will never go nowhere but don’t know that this virus is beatable with Jesus Christ. The people just want to put fear in people.

But there is is no fear with Jesus Christ. This virus can’t beat him. We have to come together and pray. The more people pray the stronger the prayer is. We can defeat this together.

Here is a video I ran into that I just wanted to share. If you would like to watch more videos, visit my youtube channel {Heavenly Gates}. God Bless and stay safe!! For Jesus Christ will protect you.

7 thoughts on “{Coronvirus} CDC Americans Need To Prepare

  1. Along with wearing a mask, clean hands and social distance, it can be done if all will do it together, just because we are Christians does not mean we can not get this virus, many wonderful followers of Christ got CVOID-19 have beaten it and others have died from it. I personally did have this virus it comes out of nowhere and hits hard. Remember Jesus never told us we would have problems just that He has overcome this world. John 16:33

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