Blessings For This Tuesday

Loving brothers and sister, I have a little post that I wanted to write for what’s been going on. Covid-19 is still spreading and storms keep happening around the world. People don’t even know that these things are happening for a reason. Floods, fires, and Covid-19 is trying to take over us but we can’t let that happen.

I am writing this post to bring some type of happiness to everyone around the world even if they are not reading this post. I am here to bring sunshine and smile to the world. I know we are in some rough time and everyone have to start coming together and overcome all of this. Jesus Christ is with us at all times day and night. We just have to stay praying and give Jesus Christ our all.

I just wanted to wish everyone a blessed Tuesday and hope that your day is filled with Jesus Christ and his love. I pray that through this day that Jesus Christ protect you and your whole family. May Jesus Christ brings sunshine around and watch over you all. Be safe & God Bless Everyone

8 thoughts on “Blessings For This Tuesday

  1. Yes, Thank you Mrs. Holliman for these uplifting thoughts. I know I walk with God and Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost each day. I feel them with me was I go about my day. The warm love and caring feelings felt and the many messages received all day long is something else all altogether. Thank you Mrs. Holliman once again.

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