God has given us the {Pastor Creflo Dollar} grace given power to change

Sorry for being late on my videos. I was suppose to post this on 10-4-20

Blessings to all my brother and sisters in Christ. Can anyone answer this question for me? !! Has God given us the grace given power to change? Do people really want to change with God’s help?

I have a video for you about just that. People don’t know that with the grace of God is one of the ways that you can change for the better. Now my words might not be exactly what the video say so I’m putting this post in my own words.

God’s grace is everything and everything everyone would want . The peace that you feel and all that negativity fly away from you. God has written all our lives and yes he knows who we are and what we can be.

For me to learn more and more about the bible, can anyone give me their favorite bible verse about God’s grace. I hope that you are having a blessed day or starting off your blessed day. Don’t forget to watch the video. The speaker in the video is Pastor Creflo Dollar.

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