Life is always going to be a struggle

People around the world are going through things everyday and don’t know how to deal with them. People act like there’s not an answer for what they are going through but there is. The answer to people problems is God. God is there for you at all times.

I talked to one of my cousins today and she sent me a picture of a prayer that I think everyone should read and keep in mind. There is nothing like some powerful words to keep you going. God is willing to help you through your hardest times.

Say this prayer to yourself everyday and know that everything will get better with the help from God. God bless

9 thoughts on “Life is always going to be a struggle

  1. Whisper , whisper , whisper my dear ,
    God is so lovingly close and near ,
    The ground has an ear ,
    And it can deeply hear ,
    What you say sounds a voice so clear,
    before the clouds shed an enormous tear ,
    The winds would put a gear ,
    With divine mercy , have no place for fear …
    Rivers can flow with water in a vessel swiftly in a path to steer,
    Energy goes with life in a stream,
    They water the lands every year ,
    Merrily everywhere in the now here…


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  2. really, people are going through rough times; it’s not easy … as for me, I still have many challenges, but my belief in presence of the everliving God has been keeping me strong… I have not acquired most of the things I want, but a voice in me keeps telling me to calm down, and that God is sending my desires on the way: God is working everything out in the background where no one sees

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